A new Baby Grandson

I was right!! My new baby grandson arrived at 2 am this morning.

Louise went into labour yesterday afternoon the day he was due and Laura and I sat with her for a few hours and timed the contractions, they were coming every 5 mins from about 4.30 onwards and by 6.30 she was pacing and holding onto things so her husband came home and I took Ryan and Katie back with me and then took them back with my 2 daughters to their house around 8 pm so they could sleep in their own beds and they thought it was great, having their aunties sleepover and a bag full of goodies that my son Ben had taken them to the shop to buy AND Mummy was going to have their new baby!

My son in law texted me at midnight to say she was well on the way and I had slept for an hour and a half then and from then on I was awake and have been since so gave up and got up!! Then my mobile went at 2 am and my son in law was telling me it’s a boy, 8lbs 3oz and he is perfect and Louise is fine and they had told her she could come home at 5am this morning if she wanted to and just take baby back within 24 hrs for a paediatrician to check him so she should be on her way about now How lovely for Ryan and Katie to wake up to their new baby brother at home.

Will post pics later as I will be round there as soon as I can this morning for a photo session and big cuddles.