Baby Alarm in Tesco’s!!!!

We had a false alarm with my daughter this morning. Quite by chance I met up with her in Tesco and decided to stay with her as she had a trolley full of shopping and said I would help her pack and follow her home to unpack. However as we were going through the checkout, she started to have pains and Tesco came to the rescue, helping us to the car with the shopping, offering to call an ambulance etc. Everyone stopped in their tracks, customers too!! I drove her car back to her house with her, unpacked her shopping whilst she coped with the pains and then bought her back to my house but it all stopped! Still I do have a feeling my son in law might be calling me later tonight – watch this space!!!

To keep my mind off things I put this card together. Background made in DIP from several huggies and Daisie kits and the stamp is Hanglar.


8 thoughts on “Baby Alarm in Tesco’s!!!!

  1. OOh, I hear you get goody bags in some shops if you go into labour! I bet your soo excited, your card is amazing, as usual!!!My mum was with me for two of my chikdren being born, she was quite pleased she wasnt with the 3rd, she said she would rather give birth than watch,ummm…no…I’d rather watch if there was a choice!!Hope she’s well and will be ok.Nicola.xx

  2. Hi Kim, I hope its ok, I put a link to your blog from mine, as you gave me the inspiration to give Magnolia/Tilda stamps ago, as your Hanglar cards are amazing!!!Thankyou, hope all is well on the baby front.Nicola.xx

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