We had the most wonderful day yesterday at Hever Castle. The girls and I went with my eldest daughter and her 3 babies and we took my other Grandson William too. The children all get along so beautifully and Liam was incredible especially considering the heat. Luckily though we got some nice breezes and found a gorgeous tree to sit under with our picnic and it was lovely and cool. The castle was nice and cool too and the children loved the mazes, especially the water one!! They were so genuinely interested and amazed at the history of the castle and the stories of the people and were in awe at the instruments of torture they used. Katie came out of the castle and announced that “the people were horrible then”!! There is a spot at the end of Anne Boleyn’s Walk where we have stood the children since they were tiny and photographed them by the waterfall every time we visit and we have a record of them growing up, so yesterday we did it with the Grandchildren too!! We ended the day in the adventure playground and it was hard to leave, even Laura discovered her inner child again yesterday, it was lovely to see!! I have made a slideshow of some of the pictures. It was so nice to be out and doing something and be genuinely worn out and sleep like a baby last night!!

Hope you all have a great day!


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