We spent the whole day sitting and waiting for my daughter to have her 4 wisdom teeth removed. She hadn’t eaten or drunk since 7am and they were taking the other ladies from the ward and they were coming back and I thought it was strange. Eventually at 4.30 we were told “sorry we have cancelled your daughter’s op as the equipment needed didn’t come back from the HSDU (sterilisation unit) at midday as expected and theatres have only just thought to ask why and were told that the generator went down but no-one bothered to pick the phone up and tell us!”

I was livid and poor Sian had got herself hyped up for it and was starving and we had all wasted a whole day sitting around. I was in a foul mood and in a lot of pain so just came home, took some pills and went to bed!!

Hope today is better but we now have to go through it all again!

Hope you have a great day!


1st Blog-a-versary

It will be my 1st blog-a-versary next Friday 3rd October. I will try and get together some blog candy later to celebrate so watch this space! I won’t have time today as my middle daughter is going into hospital to have her wisdom teeth removed – ouch!

Hope you all have a great day!

Trip to A&E last night!

I had been having chest pains since Monday afternoon and finally gave in to nagging from my parents and husband and made a dr’s appt for last night. With my history the doctor said she was taking no chances and I had to go to A&E and by ambulance!! I felt such a fraud – Laura was with me and was fantastic, bless her. Everyone was really wonderful though and I had all the tests was given aspirin at the surgery, blood thinners and a clot buster drug in the belly when I got to A&E – ouch do they sting!! I was finally allowed to come home at midnight, they wanted me to stay in but I didn’t want to, so they had a conflab and I was allowed home. They were excellent at East Surrey though and the ambulance crew were fab and the paramedic even came back to give Laura some info on work experience etc. as she wants to be a paramedic. In these gloomy times, the NHS still carries on giving it’s best and I want to thank everyone for all they did for me last night.

Hope you have a great day!


I am SO cross and upset. I went to the Papercrafts Extravaganza in Biggin Hill today with the grandchildren and some NASTY person hit my mini in the car park and left it with scratches and a huge dent in the side and didn’t bother to leave their details. It wouldn’t be so bad but we only yesterday put it up for part-ex against a beautiful brand new BMW 3 series touring for me and it was in A1 condition then!! I could scream and I hope bad fortune follows the person who did this for not bothering to be honest.

To make the day even worse, I then knocked a whole new brown sliced loaf over and half the slices tumbled out down into the cats water bowl. Then I realised that the upgrade phone I returned to O2 on Friday I had left my memory card in with all the kid’s videos and pictures on it!!!!!!!!!!!