Gosh I am on a roll

I got up, showered, dressed and have moved my nail station into my dining room alongside my craft stuff all neat and tidy and have made this cute mini pizza box filled with mini cards and envelopes using Liz’s new Just Daisies and All Washed Out range of papers which I bought yesterday. I put some bits onto Ebay to sell as well.

Got to do my daughter’s nails later and am going to make a Victoria Sponge to have with tea this afternoon – I have never been so busy, hope it lasts!!! I love feeling motivated and full of energy – it doesn’t happen that often these days!

It must be catching too as my hubby has already been to the plumbing shop to buy pipe and bits to fix the frozen and broken outside tap and is now off to fix the bathroom light!!

Hope you have a great and productive day!


Cheeky boy!

Liam gets around so fast now and discovered the drawers on my craft stack and thought he would play!! Then I snapped him giving me such a cute little grin and showing his little peggies off!! Bless him!

New hair do!

I went for the chop today! I had loads of hi and lo lites put through the top to lighten my hair and had it cut into an inverted bob, so it is short at the back but a lovely shape. It needs to be a tad longer at the front to achieve the look I want so I have to let the layers grow a bit but I am quite happy with it, especially the colour. Excuse the stern looking face, I was concentrating and trying to take a photo in the mirror!!!

Just a quick update

It has been an awful start to the New Year as my poor Dad had to go in for a colonoscopy on Wednesday and they found he has Diverticular disease and removed a large polyp from his colon so we are awaiting results on that. My Mum has to have an angiogram to check her heart bypass is working ok next Tuesday, I have to see my Haematologist the same day and then the next Tuesday, poor Dad has to have 10 biopsies taken from his prostate. So we shall all be glad to see the back of January.

Hope you are all keeping well.


Happy New Year

to everyone! I know it is a day late but my new year officially starts today as we have all been so ill. I have never known a bug like it, DH and myself were knocked out for 4 days, both in bed together, unable to do anything and never felt so ill in all our lives. Now my poor kids are suffering. For me it has been going on for 2 weeks with coughs and colds and shivers but my god I knew when the flu hit me for real! I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I missed my flu jab this year and NEVER again will I do that! I will be booking it as soon as I see the first posters in the GP surgery.

2009 is going to be better just because today I feel as if I have been healed during the night, I cannot tell you how LOVELY it is not to ache, have creepy skin and not enough energy to stand!!

I hope everyone has a very, very, very happy and HEALTHY 2009.