Happy New Year

to everyone! I know it is a day late but my new year officially starts today as we have all been so ill. I have never known a bug like it, DH and myself were knocked out for 4 days, both in bed together, unable to do anything and never felt so ill in all our lives. Now my poor kids are suffering. For me it has been going on for 2 weeks with coughs and colds and shivers but my god I knew when the flu hit me for real! I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I missed my flu jab this year and NEVER again will I do that! I will be booking it as soon as I see the first posters in the GP surgery.

2009 is going to be better just because today I feel as if I have been healed during the night, I cannot tell you how LOVELY it is not to ache, have creepy skin and not enough energy to stand!!

I hope everyone has a very, very, very happy and HEALTHY 2009.



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