Hi from sunny Florida!

Just grabbed a min to sign in before we start our day to say Hi and send some gorgeous sunshine home! This is the view from my sunbed – I could get used to this for sure!!

Hope everyone is keeping well, see you in just over a week.


Just before I go….

I thought I would share these lovely pictures of my beautiful eldest daughter and her baby son Liam which I have added to his scrapbook. I have put the pics on my phone to keep with me whilst I am away.

Off on our holiday to Florida in the morning for some sunshine,fun and shopping!

Be back in early May, be good!

Memory Mixer software

I bought this from QVC.com and as they don’t ship to the UK a friend in the states let me have it sent to her address and kindly sent it on for me – thank you hunny you know who you are!!! It arrived this morning and I just sat and played with it and am in love! It is so simple and yet you can do so much with it. I did these 5 pages in the last 10 mins with no effort at all so can’t wait to play in detail! You can make movies, burn to DVD etc.add music etc and print them out which is what I do with Liam’s scrapbook.

Eeeek 12 days until Florida!!

Just saw my countdown timer and we leave in 12 days – I haven’t even thought about packing etc. Good job the kids do their own!!

It is our 23rd wedding anniversary tomorrow and my 50th birthday a week after we get home so lots of celebrating to do!

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing! I am going to play with my grandchildren today – all 4 of them – and count my blessings.