Katie’s birthday and Ryan’s show

Well she loved the cake and loved dismantling it and eating it too!! Just had to share the beautiful photos of my 3 daughters as well as my beautiful grandaughter. We went on from our meal to see Ryan in his production at the Hawth and he won a trophy for his overall commitment and improvement. He was so good in the show too, so it rounded off a lovely day.

Rottingdean Beach

The grandchildren had an INSET day yesterday so despite it being cloudy my DD said it looked better at the coast, so we headed for Rottingdean which is a gorgeous little beach. We arrived and it was so blowy and cold and covered with sea mist so we sat in the car and ate our picnic and by the time we had finished, the mist had cleared and the sky was glorious. We sat on the beach for 4 hours and had it all to ourselves. It was Liam’s first experience of sand and the sea and seagulls which fascinated him!! He loved every minute of it and even ate his strawberries with sandy hands (my DD had cleaned them but there was the odd bit!!) He did not stop for one minute and wore himself out, so much so by the time we put him in his seat in the car, he just closed his eyes and went to sleep!!