My Grandchildren are on holiday in Spain for 10 days and I am missing them already so thought I would upload the last pictures I took of them before they went. We went to Tilgate Park and had a lovely walk around the lake and the older ones took their scooters and had great fun! Liam also had his 2nd hair cut ready for his holiday and looks very unsure about it!!

I had a lovely trip to Ikea today and am very proud of myself as I put a table and 2 desks together all by myself this afternoon.

It’s not a very creative corner at the moment…

I know and I have been a bad blogger but have been trying to get straight in my new pad and I am almost there. It is really feeling like home now and I think we are all getting used to things being different in our lives and I am really lucky to have the love and support of all the family as I move forward into this new phase and we are all still together but living apart (IYKWIM!!) and so far so good it is working and although it may seem strange to some folks we get the best bits of one another without all the hassle and bad bits and hey who cares if it works!! Laura is going back to college to do an NVQ in beauty therapy which she is really looking forward to and it will be good for her to get back into a routine. My eldest daughter is going away on Sunday for 10 days and I am really going to miss her and the children although my wonderful husband is taking me away to the New Forest for a long weekend over the bank holiday, bless his heart. The girls will have the flat to themselves for the weekend and are really looking forward to playing house!!

I am hoping to take all the grandchildren to Chessington on Friday with the girls and am looking forward to that.

Take care of yourselves, back again soon – maybe even with a card or something!!

Well finally I am moved in

to my new apartment. The boys and Russ helped me move yesterday and it was a very busy hectic day and tiring but I couldn’t have done it without them, they are such troopers – from lugging heavy stuff up the stairs to building my new bed and Laura’s wardrobe. We are semi-settled and it is a lovely place and we hope we will be happy there. A new life for everybody but fingers crossed the transition will be smooth for all concerned. The grandchildren think it is cool having Nanna close by and all on one level, they keep asking to stay!!

I have had to leave all my craft stuff at my other home! No room for it here! I am possibly going to sell a lot so will list it here when I get around to it!!

Hope everyone is well, I don’t have internet access all the time so haven’t blog hopped for ages but will get around to it. I will leave you with a photo of my girls trying out my new bed!!