Taking the bull by the horns!!

Laura has always had a passion for dancing and after meeting Vincent and Karen from Strictly a couple of years back she has longed to go to classes. Now being alone I decided the other day I should do something to widen my social circle (or actually create one to be more precise!!) and am going to classes with Laura on Thursday – gulp!! I have no idea if I will be able to do it but we have signed up for a 6 week Strictly dance course teaching Latin/Ballroom, Salsa and Jive and it is run by Paul Marcel – he and his brother Richard are choreographers behind the scenes on Strictly and luckily he runs a class just down the road. Think of me! I am hoping to have fun, meet some new friends and get some exercise!!! I will report back after Thursday’s class!!

12×12 paper storage

I am selling my 12×12 double stacker complete with drawers/paper trays.

Height: 52.5in (134cm) Depth: 14in (35.5cm) Width: 14in (35.5cm)

It has a combination of 2″ deep drawers, 1″ deep drawer & paper shelves.

Cost £260 new – I will take £120 for it but the only problem is it would have to be collected as it is very large!