Today’s nails

Pink glitter tips were last weekend’s fancy!!

I get bored so quickly and seem to change my nails at least twice a week at the moment!!

These are today’s – pink china glaze polish with some white flower nail art and a bit of bling!


Having given up completely and utterly on crafting I don’t seem to have much to post about other than grandchildren!

After a real up and down year I will be glad to see the end of this one and for once am looking forward to Christmas as we will be spending it with my eldest daughter and her family and it will be lovely I am sure. Hoping we escape the bugs this year though as we have had our Christmas ruined with flu in the past especially last year.

We are planning our next USA holiday and this time we are going to travel about more and maybe even rent an RV!!

I hope everyone who reads this (if anyone still does!) has a wonderful Christmas. Hug your kids and family and keep safe and well.