Laura’s 19th birthday and my bargain Flip video camera

Laura at 2 weeks old – the very first time I held her.

Laura with her big brother Ben

Yesterday was our tiny baby girl’s 19th birthday. Who ever would have thought that tiny bag of sugar size baby would grow into this beautiful, clever young woman – well she has and where the last 19 years have gone I do not know!! We feel very old. All the kids went out last night to celebrate and Russ and I went to The Bell for a lovely meal and celebrated our daughter’s birthday in our way as they celebrated in their way!! Happy Birthday my darling, we are all very proud of you. xx

I got an absolute bargain this morning on Ideal World, a flip HD video camera for £79.99! They retail for double this normally but this was on special for an hour and I managed to bag one! It will be so handy in Florida as it fits in your pocket but the quality is astounding and it is simple to edit and upload and email videos just by flipping the usb and plugging into the laptop, great for sharing whilst we are away. I have wanted one for ages and it was almost as if I was meant to flick channels and catch this!



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