Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I have a 50th birthday set of cupcakes to make for next weekend and was searching for an alternative to traditional buttercream, although my kids love it I find it too sweet and for an adult palette I wanted something more refined! I devised my own topping a while back and it is delicious but not really firm enough to hold the piping I am doing so I tried swiss meringue buttercream this morning and all I can say is “wow” I wish I had tried it before. I shyed away from it because it looked difficult, eggs and caster sugar in a bain marie and to 140 degrees etc but it was SO easy, you don’t need a sugar thermometer there is a much easier way to tell when it is ready and then my trusty old Kenwood Chef did the rest! It is silky smooth, light and much less sickly sweet than buttercream, give it a whirl you won’t go back to ordinary buttercream I promise you!!

I will post photos of my finished cupcakes next week.



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