Thanks Claire for my award

The lovely Claire from Clairebears has given me this award

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So here we go:

1. I’m Mum to 5 gorgeous kids and 3 British Shorthair cats who are like mini 4 legged human beings!

2. I’m Nanna to 5 beautiful grandchildren who are the world to me – people used to tell me being a Nanna was the best thing but you really don’t realise it until it happens.

3. I am terrified of birds – it’s the flapping! My family are used to me around birds now and the kids or hubby will shoo away any pigeons in my path!!

4. I loved hitting 40 but I love 50 more – but don’t like the things that go with it – grey hair and wrinkles and middle aged spread but love the self confidence I have now and the fact I have finally accepted my life for what it is.

5. I bit my nails all my life until I was 49 when I trained as a nail technician and started to do my own nails and now have my own nails for the first time in my life!

6. I am so proud of the fact that I managed to arrange for my husband to drive his beloved Ferrari for his 50th birthday last year. I always promised him he would one day and I delivered!

7. I feel blessed that all my children have grown into beautiful adults and I am very proud of them all, they are by far my best achievement in life.

8. I love America! We are going back for the 3rd time in April to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary and will be there for a month this time. My husband would move there tomorrow if we could but we have to content ourselves with holidays, hopefully very long ones when he retires!!

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Hope you like your awards girls and thanks for all the inspiration you give me!



Tommy’s Awards Ceremony

Well we had a fantastic day. Gorgeous weather, great journey and everyone was lovely – we felt like celebs for the day honestly! David & Carrie Grant – who were hosting the event, were so gracious and such lovely people and she is absolutely stunning IRL. She told Laura how beautiful she was and how she had said to David as they walked in how beautiful that young girl is and didn’t realise it was Laura! She said her story was incredible and then proceeded to grab my hand and drool over my nails – which boosted my confidence somewhat!!!! She is very funky and carries it off so well and I had black and silver animal print tips. Russ said I should have told her that I did them myself and I could have got some celeb business – typical him!

Terri Dwyer and Nancy Sorrell were fab too, such lovely normal people – no airs or graces. Beautiful hotel and the lunch was sensational. We sat with Phillipa Forrester who presented Laura with her award and it was so emotional. She read out my nomination letter before she called Laura up onto stage and I was discreetly videoing and then she summoned me up onto the stage to have my photo taken for OK with her and Laura. A few tears were shed, it was surreal listening to her reading our story. We were all so proud of Laura and her older brother got quite emotional too, he was 5 when Laura was born so has some memories. The rest of the photos will be in OK, not sure when yet.

Came home with lovely memories, goody bags and a years subscription to Candis and Laura got a £250 cheque too! Just in time for holiday spends!!

My Laura has won…..

the Tommys Triumph Award for a premature baby who survived against all odds and has grown up and achieved great things!! I nominated her after seeing Samantha Bond talking about it on This Morning at the beginning of Feb and completely forgot all about it!! This afternoon I got the email to say she had won We have to attend an awards ceremony next Friday in London at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hyde Park, meet celebrities, have a champagne reception, posh dinner and Phillipa Forrester is presenting Laura with her award. OK Magazine are covering the event and Laura has to give interviews to them and to Candis magazine who are the sponsors. Oh my goodness, now we have to find something to wear, mmm our nails and hair will need doing – well at least I can do our nails now!! ……..oh my gosh!!!!!!!!


I just got this award from Justine. Thanks Justine!

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Sharni and Clare

All fabulous blogs, pure inspiration and they are updated regularly too!!