New Facebook Group for my Nail Business

The link to click can be found on the top left column.

I trained with Creative 2 years ago and have just got the confidence to start offering my services – after nagging from my 3 daughters!!

If you are on Facebook please click on the link and ‘like’ it to keep posted on offers!!

My nail polish collection

I bought so many in the states that I had to organise them properly so got a stand and numbered them and then painted them onto wheels so clients can see what they will look like on their nails. I have a new addiction and so far there are 44 and counting!!

Black and silver foil nails

Got a bit adventurous today and managed to do my own nails at last!! It is SO hard to do your right hand with your left when you are right handed!!! I decided to paint them black and then put silver foiling on the top. I quite like them for a change.

Hope you have a great day!

My nail course

Well the first 3 days went ok but on day 3 I was ready to give up I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Laura came in with me to be my model and I had to do my first full set on her. I went for it and actually didn’t do bad! She is now sporting a nice set of permanent french acrylic nails and is thrilled with them! Small pic above. I should have taken a before pic, doh! They are not perfect but pretty good for my first set. I have tons of practice to do and study for my theory exam and hopefully I will pass, get my certificate and then be let loose on anyone who wants me to do their nails!!! I have a few willing victims in the family and hopefully will be able to do mine myself soon.

Hope you have a great day!