My own shaped greetings

I have wanted to design digitally for ages but am no good at drawing 😦 I have however had a go at making some greeting sentiments. I have collected little poems and sayings over the years that I have found and took these from my extensive list so I don’t claim to have made them up but I did make them into these images using my other collection from my obsession of collecting fonts!! What do you think?

I also made some into shapes.



Shaped Greetings punchouts tutorial

I have been asked to write a tutorial on how to make these so I have done one!! I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro and the step by step photos are here if anyone wants to try it out.

The shapes are designed to fit Woodware punches and the oval one can be seen layered with a larger punch on yesterdays card posted.

I have made a tutorial to do this in Word if anyone is interested, just email me