Laura’s 17th

I cannot believe my tiny baby girl is 17 this Thursday! My tiny ‘bag of sugar size’ baby who fought hard for her life is now a beautiful young woman, Happy Birthday my sweet, darling girl. I hope you get all you wish for.

For me it is a question of where did all those years go?! I didn’t really think I would be sitting here facing my 50th birthday in a couple of months and it all makes me feel very old! Still I do sometimes look at my children and get this lovely warm feeling and feel very proud that “I did all that” because for the most part it was just me and they turned out ok even if I do say so myself!! Mind you lots of other people have said that to me over the years and it is things like that which really fulfil me. I may not have achieved much in my life but I feel very blessed and very lucky to have 5 such wonderful kids and consider them all my very best achievement.

Back to the card!!! I made this cute pop up card and decorated it with a PP Frilly Milly and some punched flowers, jewels and a bit of embossing. An SU tab punch for the bit to pull as it folds completely flat to go in an envelope, very clever idea – sorry can’t remember where I saw it!