Cath Kidston Bag complete with cat!!

I came in from my last day of training – which I passed by the way!! I am now a fully qualified nail technician! I put my bag down on the dining room chair and Tilly moved in!! She has always had a thing about bags and used to sit with her brother in my handbag when they were kittens!!

Hope you have a great day!


Black and silver foil nails

Got a bit adventurous today and managed to do my own nails at last!! It is SO hard to do your right hand with your left when you are right handed!!! I decided to paint them black and then put silver foiling on the top. I quite like them for a change.

Hope you have a great day!

Card orders

I have had quite a few card orders from people lately and this is a batch for one lady. Hope she likes them!

I have also agreed to do the infant school christmas fair with my grandchildren in 2 weeks, so am going to have to make things like crazy!! I must be mad!

Hope you have a great day!

Fabulous new site for digi downloads

Wow! I found this site Making Handmade Cards earlier today and Claire has an amazing Christmas offer until this Friday. Christmas digi kits for just £12.99, they have a value of almost £52 plus you get 2 free bonus kits and if you sign up for the newsletter you get another freebie. Go and take a peek here

Hope you have a great day!