I got some gold jumbo paper clips from Staples and decorated them to sell at the summer fair, they are so quick and easy to make and make really good bookmarks that don’t fall out of the book.

Paint pails

I made these today for the summer fair on Saturday. I have filled them with shredded tissue and thought I might sell them empty for people to put their own gifts in. There is a Dad one, a new baby one (non sex specific) and a girly forever friends bear one. They are really easy to do, I made a template on the PC and have a large format printer so just print and cut, wrap a bit of ribbon round the handle and away you go!

My new phone!

I lost my mobile on holiday and have been using one of the kid’s old phones but I found this little beauty yesterday. It is gorgeous, so easy to use, with a huge touch screen and a qwerty keyboard which is SO much easier for a typist like me to use to text on and it works with my nails, although it has a cool little stylus hidden in the bottom which is fab too!! It has so many cool features, plus it is PINK – I am in love with my new little phone!

Katie’s new hair cut

She finally gave in and let her Mum cut her hair into a bob! She had started to cut her own fringe in herself secretly so my daughter had no choice and no argument!! She looks so grown up, bless her.