My daughter’s new blog all about Beauty

My daughter is a trained Beauty Therapist and has decided to start a blog about all things Beauty. You can find it here go and visit and give her a follow to boost her if you don’t mind 🙂 Thank you.


These are very popular

I made one of these family trees for my daughter and framed it and have had lots of requests to make them so I will be busy for the next couple of weeks 😂IMG_7372

After a long absence…..

I’m back! Such a lot has happened but the best thing of all is my 2 new additions – my Cavapoo pups 🙂 Callie came first in June 2016, she saved me during a bad time and for her I got Harley in January 2017, a sister and playmate. They are without doubt the best little darlings in my life and I adore them. Harley is a diddy girl and she and her sister fill our lives with such joy.

I had 3 cakes to finish this weekend here is the Octonauts 3rd birthday for my Grandson.


This is my eldest Grandson’s giant cupcake! A chocolate shell with vanilla sponge and swiss meringue buttercream.


and lastly my sister’s wedding cake and cupcakes.