SCAL 2 for sale

I am so cross with myself. I was making something the other day with the Cricut Craft Room programme and it told me I needed to update my Expression before I could cut – guess what I did!!!!! This has now rendered the copy of SCAL 2 that I have useless! To say I am gutted is an understatement. I have checked with Craft Edge and the software can be re-installed on another machine with my serial no and a new activation code so I am going to sell it as I have had several people ask me in the past as it is no longer sold due to the dispute with Provocraft.

I think I am also going to sell the Expression as I only really used it with SCAL. If anyone knows of someone who might be interested and who hasn’t upgraded the firmware on their Cricut – ¬†let me know. It can be used with the small Cricut and the original Expression. ¬†Thanks.


Home made honeycomb

I have never made honeycomb before but it is soooo easy, only don’t try it before it is cool, I burnt my tongue – ouch!

It is really delicious. You need 80g butter, 160g caster sugar and 80g golden syrup, heat gently until sugar is dissolved and then rapidly boil for 5 mins but DO NOT STIR!! When it is a nice golden honeycomb colour take off the heat add 2 tsps bicarb – watch it rise and bubble and then pour into a tin to set. If you want thick light, bubbly honeycomb don’t spread it out like I did, either way it is delicious and so easy!!